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About us

LegitRoids - Supplier to the Suppliers!

Our customers are Pro bodybuilders, gyms, and online sources. We offer high-quality products at very competitive wholesale prices.

We're well known in the fitness market for our quality, affordable products and fast, discreet delivery.
We have years of experience in the industry, working with the most reputable and biggest brands.

We also have specialised IT specialists to ensure that the integrity of our online store is not jeopardised and that our customers' data is kept safe and secure.

With a stock of over 300 different product titles from over 30 brands, we offer Global Shipping and unrivalled customer care. Various secure payment options are available.

LR prices are the lowest on the market and only available to fitness professionals, minimum order is 399. However, for the first trial order, we process it if it's over 100.
Please get in touch if you've got any inquiries.

- LR Team

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